Based on a sample 128 from My Famicase Exhibition 2018


It is very very raw concept. It's done about 10% maybe even less. We plan to continue developing this game further. Below  this texts you could found some planned features.



If music isn't playing, try this link.


Original description
You are writing a book about the creatures in the witches castle, so you must explore the dark and haunted castle. Collect information and complete your book!


Game description

A small expedition consisting of the Professor and the Stalker was sent to study the secrets of the Witch Castle. You are playing the Stalker and your task is to explore the Castle while doing Professor's quests.

This game is kinda rogue-like, all dungeons of the Castle is generating on every new game started.


Planned features

  • 42 unique types of monsters
  • On-ground floors of the Castle
  • More than one underground floor
  • Diversity of environments and rooms 
  • Market Square, merchants and goods
  • Crafting (Potions, improvements, artifacts)
  • Unique artifcats
  • Many other things we forgot to mention


A word from aturbidflow
This is my first experience in creating games. Due to lack of experience, we planned too much and we did not have enough strength. Even a month and a half was not enough for us to do something quite playable for demonstration. But, it seems to me, the atmosphere and the idea can be assessed from the available gameplay.


Somberkids are:

Veksell — Graphics, Game Design 
aturbidflow — Code, Music, Game Design, some graphics

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