Opposite Edge Of Slumber

beta-testing now

You see a dream, you can't wake up. Carefully inspect the place you are in to wake up and return home.

Treasures are seven colored keys that should be placed in the Control Module, which opens the Portal which can help you wake up. Where is the Control Module? Where is the Portal? Discover it yourself.

The game was made with Adventuron for the 2020 #treasurehuntjam

For those who are not familiar with text adventures, here is a short tutorial:

1. This is a text adventure. You should type each action in text form. 

2. Actions are performed exclusively by commands of the form VERB NOUN. In special cases, a command may consist of a single word, VERB or NOUN.

3. Move between rooms with NORTH EAST SOUTH and WEST commands.

4. Interface (top to bottom): room name, available objects in the room, available directions, command input.

5. Restarting a game: RESTART or QUIT.

6. The game has key mechanics (a certain phrase) that you must discover and remember.

Recommendations and tips:

1. The most common actions in the game: EXAMINE (or X), TAKE (or T), USE.

2. Try to find out as much as possible about the world in which you find yourself. Most of the clues are obvious, just watch carefully.

3. If you’re stuck, try do some actions again.

4. Don't forget to draw a map.


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This is a great game so far, but I have unfortunately become stuck after yelling in the kitchen (the place with the broken chair, fridge, and table). I was told "Don't call the death". Rollback does not seem to work. 

Never mind this, I eventually typed L (which I use to look) and was brought back to the kitchen. thanks for making this game!

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Thanks! Yeah, the game is very buggy but I have no reason to fix it)

That's fair. Have a nice day!

fun game. unfortunately stumbled upon a game-breaking bug where when it asked if i wanted to restore the game after i died to the poisoned water, typing "y" yielded no response from the console. i tried sending "y" again to the response "not understood." as it turns out, i can still play the game (i think?) but it's forever stuck in that blinding white colored text, which unfortunately ruins the atmosphere for me. hope you can get it fixed.

Hi there. Thanks for the report. The bug with "y" will be fixed I hope. But I can't get what a "blinding white". Can you please provide more information, after which death case it happened?

i just mean that the game sets the mood with its soft gray colored text. the game over screen's text is a bright white, not ideal for gameplay since it's harsh on the eyes for long periods of time, but it's a game over screen so you won't see it that long anyway, however the glitch i experienced made the white text the permanent color of the main game.


I've tried to play this game a little. It's very atmospheric and unique, but unfortunately, it's quite confusing for me. 

Firstly, and perhaps this is exactly what you don't want to do by design, but I'd like to know what the treasures are, and where I have to place them. I see a message in rainbow text that maybe the treasures are the keys - but the keys are not rainbow coloured. I also don't know where to place them.

There are a few sudden death scenarios in the game, which I don't mind actually (because of rollback).

There are quite a few common inputs that don't seem to work as I'd expect.

For examine, in the sleeping module, OPEN WARDROBE, or UNLOCK NIGHTSTAND does not work. 

I also received a very strange message when I picked up the crowbar,

I think places where you are implementing barriers, you should maybe list the barrier as a scenery object. I also unlocked a few doors, but the keys remained in my inventory, and now I have a lot of keys. I don't know if these are treasure or if they are now useless (as they have already been used).

I think your game would greatly benefit from stating a goal either at the beginning of the game, or even on the game page.

I guess waking up from the dream is the goal, but the obvious ways to do it don't work, so treasure hunting is perhaps the way. The player just doesn't know what they are collecting, where they should place those items, and why they are collecting.

I'm not a judge, and just giving some feedback on my experience of the game, so that maybe you can address some of this before the judging phase.

I'm likely to push the jam submission deadline by a few days to give entrants time to playtest their games. I really like what you have done with sound and atmosphere. I think the addition of some player clarity will make the game a lot more appealing - but this is just my personal opinion. Other judges may be able to figure things out better than I did. I can sometimes find obvious things hart to understand.

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Many thanks for your reply and playtesting. 

I thought about describing the goals of the game and concluded that this would simplify the game. But since the game is already hardcore enough, I think it may even be beneficial. Also I could not come up with an organic and narrative introduction with a restriction of three sentences. Probably I really should write the goals and the basic description on the game page.

P.S. Rainbow color is just a hint that there are seven colored keys =)

UPD. Fixed most recommendations.

"Try focusing your vision" I'm sorry but I have no idea what I'm supposed to do

May be just "FOCUS VISION"?

ah, thanks, cool