Can be switched off on start.


Prologue (will be the comics if I have time)
On an ordinary day, a completely ordinary interplanetary telephone received an ordinary call from an ordinary galactic major.

The major told you that the prisoners of the intergalactic prison escaped (again) and asks you (again), great Gunter Potatoff, to destroy them, as the coolest bounty hunter in the visible universe.

Also, by the way, he mentioned some kind of dimensional anomaly. But who cares about such a trifle?

Kill all enemies to win.

Arrow keys / WSAD — move
Space — jump (useless)
Mouse — point & shoot

Known issues
1. Sometimes the game crashes if the player get too much velocity. In any case you get a black screen — just reload the page.
3. Game can load too slowly at the first run.
4. There are some performance glitches on some systems. If you got lags in other case — try to switch of collisions / blend modes in the Options -> Performance menu.
5. Doesn't work on mobile.

The main word
WATCH BATTERIES. Gravity changes. Blocks attract, make movement a little chaotic. Arrow points at the closest enemy.

You can download the full OST (or even buy) here: https://artemflo.bandcamp.com/album/randomaly-bounty-gunter-ost

Development log

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