A downloadable game for Windows


A team of space alpacas makes an emergency landing on the planet. It looks like the Earth... It seems that humans are no longer there... Maybe they are to blame?.. 

But anyway alpacas are looking for a new home and maybe this planet will suit them.


1. English is not out native language

2. It's first try of GameMaker for our coder

3. We didn't have enough time to change the font to something pixelated :D We are sorry

4. Overlaying dialogs is not a bug

5. Only keyboard controls, sorry, no mouse/gamepad


[WASD/Keys] - Movement
[E/Space/Enter] - Action


Somberkids are:
@Veksell - art
@aturbidflow - code & music

freesound.org (mayanespirit, nmarciniegasm, speedenza, gneube, lupalenzuela, inspectorj, ssierra1202, qubodup, moulaythami) - some sounds


alpaca-alpha-0.1.2-mvp6.zip 23 MB
alpaca-alpha-graffiti-jam.yyz 8 MB


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loved the game. Great job

Awesome work making the game  in a jam and with  a new  engine for your guys


Thanks. It was really fun.